Looking for Alaska Summary Chapter 32

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In diesem Beitrag präsentiere ich euch meine Zusammenfassung des Chapter 32´s in dem Buch Looking for Alaska, geschrieben von John Green.

The chapter 32, “the Day after”, written by John Green and published in the book “Looking for Alaska” in 2005 is about the day after Alaska died in a car accident.

The Eagle goes to the room of Miles and the Colonel and wakes them up. He tells them they need to go to the gym. They both are worried that they have been caught but the Eagle ensures them that they are not in trouble but something terrible happened.

The Colonel comes up with the consideration that Dr. Hyde died, at first it seems like he is right because Dr. Hyde doesn ́t show up at the assembly but then he walks straight into the gym. Miles and the Colonel are getting worried about Alaska and ask themselves where she is. The Eagle starts to give a speech and asks if everyone is there. Miles shouts that they have to wait for Alaska. Right after this the Eagle begins to cry.

In complete silence and with a soft and quite voice the Eagle talks about the past night, Alaska died in a car crash. Miles runs out of the gym and throws up; he feels guilty for her death because he let her go. He considers that Alaska is playing a prank and that she isn ́t actually dead. He goes back into the gym and sees the Colonel in tears.

Miles tells the Eagle about his thought and he declares that he saw her dead body, she really died. He also tells him that Alaska was driving on L-65, where a truck had blocked all lanes of the interstate. A police cruiser pulled up to the scene and Alaska drove straight into the police car and died instantly. After this Miles thoughts are getting completely out of control, he can only think of the contrast between making out with her last night and how her dead body would look like.

On the way back to their room Miles starts thinking about people ́s last words and becomes sad about the fact that he will never know Alaska ́s last words. The Colonel collapses and starts to hyperventilate. Miles and Chip hug for the first time ever.

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