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In diesem Beitrag möchte ich euch mein Reading-Journal / Lesetagebuch für das Buch “Looking-for-Alaska” von John Green präsentieren. Zu einigen Notizen der unterschiedlichen Kapitel habe ich selbst immer noch ein paar Kommentare bzw. Fragen am Rand ergänzt. Mein Reading Journal für Looking for Alaska ist im Rahmen einer Unterrichtseinheit des Englischunterrichts entstanden.

What happens?Comments/Questions
146 days before (p. 7 – 10)
– Miles, the narrator, wants to attend boarding school in Alabama
– His mom organizes a “going-away” party
– Nobody comes except Marie Lawson and her boyfriend Will (classmates of Miles)
– Miles doesn´t like them that much
– Miles and his parents have a small talk with the couple
– They go early and Miles starts to talk about his reasons to change schools
– The reason he is going: because of the biography of Francois Rabelais -> last words: “ I go to seek a great perhaps“ (He wants to start a new life NOW not like Francois Rabelais.
– After the party he watches history channel with his parents together
– Why is Miles so unpopular?
– Does his mother know that he has not many friends?
– Why is Miles so strange and uses some quotes as reasons?
– Why does he think that he needs to change schools to start a new life?
128 days before (p. 7 – 25)
– Miles arrives at the boarding school
– He doesn´t want to go out on this day because he hates the heat
– His dorm room looks like a hospitalHis dad doesn´t want him to drink, to smoke or to take drugs
– He decides to take a shower to cool down
– His roommate arrives, Chip Martin
– He is short but muscular
– Miles instead is skinny, no fat, no muscles
– Chip is friendly to him
– both go to Alaska´s room (an attractive, curvy girl with a lot of books in her room) because Chip wants to get cigarettes
– they get cigarettes from AlaskaChip and Miles go to a lake
– They talk and smoke
– Chip goes to his girlfriend, Miles stays at the lake
– Alaska shows up suddenly
– She talks with him about his “last word reminds” thing and tests him
– They talk about Simón BolívarAlaska compares Miles with Chip when he was a freshman
– She says that Miles and Chip are very similar, but Miles is cutter
– Miles is completely overwhelmed by the compliment and says that Alaska isn´t bad either
– She tells him that she has a boyfriend, Miles says he has no girlfriend
– They make a deal; Alaska wants to get him a girlfriend when Miles finds out in what labyrinth was meant by Simón Bolívar 
– Why thinks Alaska that Miles is cutter than Chip?
– Does she think that he is attractive?
– Who is Chip´s girlfriend?
– How can Miles be so skinny?
127 days before (p. 25 – 33)
– Colonel introduces Miles to a group of 5 guys, one guy was TakumiIn the night he is getting waked up by some guys
– They took him out in underwear, tape him and throw him into the lake
– They tell him they do this because he is a friend of the Colonel
– He could barely swim to the shore
– When he is back in school, he goes to Alaska´s room Alaska tells him he should get out of there and that there are people who have real problems like her
– He goes to his room and tells Chip the story, he gets angry about it
– What kind of problems has Alaska?
– Why do they have this stupid “welcome ritual”?
– Why is Alaska not so kind to him like she was before in the evening? 
– Why do the guys who threw miles into the lake not like the Colonel? 
126 days before (p. 33 – 38)
– the guys who threw Miles into the Lake last night pissed into Colonel´s shoe
– she wants to ruin their life’s
– School begins
– French and religion class are hard for Miles
– Miles points out the guys who did this to him for the Colonel
– Alaska comes to his room and talks with him
– She tells him that he has to be tough here
– She apologizes for being so meant to him
– Does Alaska have an intention or why is she doing that?
122 days before (p. 38 – 42)
– Miles comes into his room after classes and seeing the Colonel getting ready
– Sara, his girlfriend, shows up, they start to argue because Sara thinks Chip has ratted out Paul and Mary
– Their date with the parents of Sara was cancelled
– The Colonel drinks Vodka with milk
– Why is the Colonel in a relationship with a person who is obviously not good for him?
– How can Sara believe that her boyfriend ratted them out?
– As a girlfriend you normally trust your boyfriend and love him very much 
110 days before (p. 42 – 48)
– Miles gets kicked out of Dr. Hyde´s class (religion class) because he looked out the window
– Alaska comes with him
– Together they are searching for a four-leaf cloverleaf
– When class was over the Colonel, Takumi, Alaska and Miles go to the smoking hole
– Alaska calls Miles adorable
– The Colonel and Takumi start rapping
– Alaska smokes her cigarette’s faster because (“she smokes to die”) 
– Has Alaska a crush on Miles?
– Why does she call him adorable?
109 days before (p. 48 – 54)
– Miles and the Colonel go to the first basketball match
– Cutcher Creek´s basketball team is very bad
– The Colonel gets kicked out the game, because of screaming
– He has done this for 47 games
108 days before (p. 54 – 54)
– Dr. Hyde asks Miles to stay after classes
-They talk about yesterday when Miles starred out of the window
– Suddenly Dr. Hyde shows understanding and isn´t that much angry anymore 
– Why is Dr. Hyde now so sympathetic?
101 days before (p. 54 – 56)
– Alaska drives with Miles and some other students to McDonals to learn and study together
– He is introduced to Lara, a Russian girl
100 days before (p. 56 – 59)
– Alaska sits with Miles in the TV room on a coach
– They talk about her name, Alaska and why she is named AlaskaMiles wants to kiss her but fails
– Why has Miles stopped bevor he kissed her?
99 days before (p. 59 – 60)
– Miles and the Colonel get new cigarettes from Alaska
– Together with Alaska and Takumi they go out smoking
– The Eagle catches them
– They must go to the jury
98 days before (p. 60 – 63)
– Alaska, the Colonel, Miles and Takumi have a meeting with the jury
– Alaska and Chip cover Miles and Takumi
– Both have to do 10h work in the cafeteria
– They are one problem away from calling parents
– The eagle is angry on Miles and warns him
– Why does the Eagle warn Miles?
89 days before (p. 63 – 64)
– Alaska smokes in the room of Chip and Miles
– They talk about Lara
– Alaska tells Miles, that Lara could be his girlfriend and that she wants hot sex with him
– They plan to go on a triple-and-a-half-date
– Does Lara really want sex with Miles? – Is that true? 
87 days before (p. 65 – 70)
– Lara, Miles, the Colonel, Sara, Alaska, Jake and Takumi go on a triple-and-a-half-date to the basketball game
– Alaska doesn´t want Miles to sit next to Lara
– Chip provokes “the Beast”
– Miles gets a ball in his face from the beast
– He has a concussion and throws up on Lara´s jeans
– They go to hospital with Miles (Lara, Takumi)
– Sara breaks up with the Colonel and tells Alaska that he has a hard-on for Alaska
– Why does Sara say something like this?
– Does Lara have a crush on Miles?
– Why does Chip provoke the Beast?
– Why is Miles not allowed to sit next to Lara?
84 days before (p. 71 – 72)
– It begins to rain heavily
– The Colonel seems like he doesn´t want to talk
– Alaska is probably pissed on Miles
– Why is Alaska pissed?
76 days before (p. 73 – 75)
– Dr. Hyde assigns the paper topic for the semester “What is the most important question human beings must answer?”
– Miles chooses “What happens, when we die?”
– Alaska skips class
– The WW flooded Alaska´s room
– Why is she skipping classes?
– Why have the WW flooded her room?
67 days before (p. 75 – 78)
– Miles reads his American history book
– Takumi shows up and tells him that Alaska ratted out Marya
– Miles realizes, that this is why she covered him at the jury
– She wants him to trust her
– Colonel will be pissed when he gets to know this
– Why does Alaska want Miles´ trust?
58 days before (p. 78 – 83)
– Alaska plays video games in the room of Chip and Miles
– Chip is in the room of Alaska
– Miles and Alaska are alone and playing video games
– Alaska puts her had in Miles lap
– Miles asks his parents to stay at Culver Creek over Thanksgiving because Alaska will stay there
– Later he regrets his decision and calls his parents, who tell him that they have already bought a ticket to England. 
– Why is Alaska staying at Culver Creek over Thanksgiving? 
– What is her intention for Miles?
52 days before (p. 84 – 86)
– Nearly everyone left Culver Creek
– Alaska and Miles are drinking wine
– They spend a lot of time together and come much close to each other
– Alaska tells Miles the last words of Bolívar
– She calls him “a good-looking boy”
– Why does she tell him the last words of Bolívar?
– He still has no girlfriend.  
51 days before (p. 86 – 89)
– Alaska wakes up Miles
– They are alone and spend a lot of time together
– They sneak into the Weekday Warriors rooms
– And find out that they like hairs
– They want to prank their sculps
– What is the plan?
– How do they want to do it?
49 days before (p. 89 – 92) 
– Alaska and Miles are searching for porn, movies, alcohol and cigarettes in other student rooms
– They find a porn movie and watch it together
– Alaska tells Miles that she doesn´t like porn because women seem to be objects in these movies
– Does Miles like porn?
– Why does Alaska want to go on a “porn-hunt”?
47 days before (p. 92 – 96)
– Colonel comes back to school to pick up Alaska and Miles for Thanksgiving
– His mother invited Miles and Alaska
– Chip´s mother lives in a trailer and is poorMiles shares a bed with Alaska, but nothing happened
– Why does nothing happen?
– Is Alaska not interested enough in Miles? 
46 days before (p. 96 – 97)
– They had Thanksgiving together
– Colonel´s mom cooks very well
– Colonel drives them back to Culver Creek
44 days before (p. 97 – 99)
– Alaska and Miles drive to Coosa Liquors to buy alcohol and cigarettes
– Alaska is sad because the Colonel can´t trust her anymore due to the ratting out of Marya and Paul
– Alaska thinks she is a “crazy, sullen bitch” and that she screws everything up
– Miles doesn´t understand this
– Why can minors buy alcohol and cigarettes at Coosa Liquors?
– That is not allowed.
– Why is Alaska so sad about it and regret it?
– Why did she rat out them?
Christmas (p. 99 – 100)
– Miles went home for Christmas and spends the time with his family
– They missed him really much and are sentimental
– His parents also feel guilty for spending thanksgiving without him
– Miles also missed his parents
– He studies a lot 
– Did he really miss his family?
– Why do his parents feel guilty? 
8 days before (p. 101 – 103)
– Everybody is back at Culver Creek
– Alaska and the Colonel plan to do a pre-prank
– But Alaska doesn´t want to do it with Miles
– Miles thinks about the reason for this
– He is somehow disappointed 
– Why does Alaska want to do the prank only without Miles?
4 days before (p. 103 – 104)
Miles is not invited to the meetings of Alaska and the Colonel to plan the prank
– So, he decides to study a lot 
– Why do they exclude him?
3 days before (p. 104 – 114)
– Miles, Takumi and the Colonel tell the Eagle that they will be at Colonel´s home this weekend
– The Eagle calls his mom and Colonel´s mum covers them
– Alaska says him that she is going to visit Jack
– Lara explains that she will meet with an old friend
–  They start the prank
– Takumi and Miles launch fireworks to distract the Eagle from Alaska and the Colonel
– Alaska and the Colonel send failing classes letters to the parents of the WW
– Lara put blue dye into the hair conditioner of Kevin
– They all sleep at the barn
2 days before (p. 114 – 126)
– They wake up together
– Rap contest of the group
– They start playing a drinking game (best day, worst day)
– Colonel wins the best day
– Alaska the worst day
– Alaska finally explains why she hates herself and is somehow depressive, the reason is when she was younger, she found her mother lying on the ground jerking, but instead of calling 911 Alaska started crying and sitting next to her… her mother died. 
– Miles comes closer to Lara, they are holding hands
– They share a sleeping bag together and kiss each other
– Miles asks her to be his girlfriend and she says yes
– Why do they do a rap contest?
– Why do they start playing a drinking game?
– What was the reason for Alaska not to call 911?
– Does Miles really love Lara? 
One day before (p. 126 – 127)
– They all go back to Culver Creek in different groups Takumi, the Colonel and Miles check in first at the Eagle´s office
– Miles spends his days with sleeping
– Why does Miles sleep so much?
– Why do they go back in different groups?
The last day (p. 127 – 139)
– Kevin comes in the room of the Colonel and Miles and tells them that her prank failed
– Miles spends his afternoon with Lara
– They have oral sex
– Miles, the Colonel and Alaska go to the Barn and celebrate their success
– Alaska and the Colonel get very drunk because they are playing a stupid drinking game
– Miles wasn´t drunk and they start playing truth or dare
– Miles has to hook up on AlaskaThey start kissing
– Then Alaska tells him that she is tired and wants to sleep
– Miles tells her that he loves her
– Alaska wakes up in the middle of the night and is upset and drunk 
– She wants to leave school
– The colonel and Miles light up fireworks to distract the Eagle, so Alaska can drive away without the noticing of the eagle
– She drives away 
– Why does Miles kiss Alaska? He has a girlfriend!
– Why does Alaska want Miles to hook up on her? She has a boyfriend!
– What is the real reason for Alaska to stop and start sleeping?
– Is she really tired?
– Why does Miles tell her that he loves her?
– What´s with Lara?
– Why does Alaska want to leave school?
– Why do Miles and Chip let her leave? 
The day after (p. 139 – 145)
– The Eagle calls every student in the gym
– He says that something terrible happened
– In the gym he explains that Alaska died in a car accident
– Miles starts throwing up Chips and Miles can´t believe it at first
– The Eagle tells them that it is the truth
– Miles and the Colonel think that it is their fault because they let her go
2 days after (p. 145 – 151)
– Miles can´t sleep that night
– Miles calls his parents and tells them about the death of his friend Alaska
– Colonel and Miles want to smoke in the shower room
– They talk about the accident and why they haven´t stopped her
– The Colonel decided to go for a walk
– The funeral of Alaska is on Sunday
– Why does the Colonel go for a walk?
– What is the reason for Miles to call his parents and tell them everything?
4 days after (p. 149 – 151) 
– The colonel returns from his 84-mile walk to Montevallo
– He freezes
– They talk about the feelings and thoughts of Alaska and how hard it was to understand her
– Why was it so hard to understand her?
– How can the Colonel walk 84 miles? 
6 days after (p. 151 – 153) 
– They all went to the funeral
– Miles wants to see Alaska one last time, but he can´t
– Miles talks to Alaska´s dad
– Miles also tells Chip how much he loved her
– How does Alaska´s dad look like and how is his personality?
– Is he really sad because her death?
7 days after (p. 153 – 158) 
– Chip goes to the cafeteria and eats with the Eagle
–  He tells him that Alaska´s aunt is coming to pick up her stuff
– The Colonel and Miles should put away stuff, that her aunt shouldn´t see
– They go into her room
– Miles takes the book “The General in his Labyrinth” and reads the quote “How will I ever get out of the labyrinth”, Alaska wrote next to it: “Straight and fast” 
– What has Alaska meant with these words?
8 days after (p. 158 – 160)
– Dr. Hyde tells the class that their essay question for this semester will be the question of Alaska´s final exam “How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?”
– A WW, Brooke Blakely, says he had crush on Alaska and is really sad about her death
– Chip thinks that is a lie
– Why does Chip think so?
– Had Brooke Blakely really a crush on her?
– Why chose Dr. Hyde this question?
9 days after (p. 160 – 162)
–  The Colonel skips classes and comes up with a new theory of Alaska´s death
–  She had an argument on the phone with Jack that night before she died, she wanted to visit him
– And then she saw the opportunity “to get out of this labyrinth”, she took it
– The Colonel wants Miles to call Jake and ask if they had a fight, but Miles doesn´t want to
– Why does Miles not want?
– Has the Colonel only skipped classes to come up with a theory? 
13 days after (p. 162 – 166) 
– Miles and the Colonel go to the police station to get some answers
– The Police officer who saw the accident says that she drove right into the police car without breaking or swerving
– There were white tulips at the back of Alaska´s car
– Did she commit suicide?
– Why did she carry tulips with her?
14 days after (p. 166 – 169) 
– Miles and the Colonel still think about reasons 
– They come to the conclusion that is was no suicide but they also don´t know if it was a real accident
– Suddenly a WW, Holly Moser, shows up and tells them that Alaska was flashing the light over her booth in the Waffle house when all other lights were turned off
– She thinks that was a sign for her
– The Colonel thinks she is a “fake griefer” 
– Why did that happen to Holly Moser?
– Was there somewhere out there a plausible reason for this?
– Why does the Colonel think that she is a “fake griefer”, maybe she is right? 
20 days after (p. 169 – 173) 
– The Colonel and Miles eat dinner at a kiosk
– Miles and the Colonel have an argument because Miles doesn´t want answers about her death regarding Jack and how much she loved him and so on, but the Colonel wants these answers
– Colonel shouts at him that Alaska never would have left Jake for Miles
– Miles got angry
– Miles goes to the smoking hole and wants new answers
– What specific new answers does Miles want?
– Why does the Colonel think so?
– Why do they eat at the kiosk?
21 days after (p. 173 – 175) 
– In Dr. Hyde´s lesson Miles wonders if Alaska is still somewhere and looks down on earth for example… if she can see all of them
– Takumi, Miles and the Colonel go to McDonalds for lunch
– Takumi tells Miles that Lara is unsure if they are still dating
– Why haven´t Lara asked Miles himself yet?
27 days after (p. 175 – 182) 
– Miles and the Colonel come up with a plan to test if the drunk Alaska saw the cop car
– They steal the eagle´s breathalyzer
– The eagle catches them at night and Miles starts smoking to hide the smell of alcohol
– He tells the Eagle that the Colonel is crying, and he cares about him
– Miles has to go to jury next day because of smoking
– They concluded that Alaska could have fallen asleep, but she should have seen the cop car
28 days after (p. 182 – 184) 
– The Colonel tells Takumi the whole story about the night when Alaska left
– Takumi says he also let her go that night
– They decide to call Jack to find out what he knows
– Takumi and Miles only want to know what is important
– Why does Takumi say he also let her go?
– Why does Takumi only want to know important things?
– Does he have a special reason?
29 days after (p. 184 – 188) 
– Miles comes back from school
– Colonel talks to Jack on the phone
– Miles and Takumi go smoking in the shower rooms
– Miles tells Takumi that he kissed her
– The Colonel pretends to be the Eagle and scares them
– He found out that Alaska probably didn´t want to visit Jake but Jack called her that night because of their 8thmonth anniversary 
– She told him that she was doodling when she suddenly started freaking out and wanted to go, she also said they will talk later
– Jack told the Colonel that Alaska normally asks Jack before she comes visiting him
– Did Alaska forget the anniversary and freaked out because of it?
– What did Alaska mean with “We will talk later”?
37 days after (p. 188) 
– Miles runs into Lara between classes, she looks angry and Miles just says “I´m sorry”
– They nearly haven´t talked for a month
– Miles wants to want to talk to her
– Why does Miles ignore her?
– Doesn´t she matters to Miles?
– Why is Miles such an asshole and doesn´t tell her the truth?
– Is Lara angry at him? 
45 days after (p. 189 – 191) 
– Miles, Takumi and the Colonel go to the Coosa Liquors store to buy cigarettes
– That reminds him of Alaska
46 days after (p. 191 – 194) 
– Takumi explains Miles that it is really important to talk to Lara again
– Miles finally talks to Lara and apologizes
– Takumi, Chip, Miles and Lara go to the smoking hole and establish a new ritual to remember Alaska
– They try to figure out what happened
– Why does Lara forgive him?
– Isn´t it sad, that Takumi has to remind Miles to apologize himself?
51 days after (p. 194 – 196) 
– Dr. Hyde talks in his lesson about enlightenment and how everything is at some point falling apart… he says everyone will go / die at some time
– Miles starts thinking about Alaska again, he believes that most people will have forgotten Alaska in some months
– He doesn´t want to give up searching for answers
– Why doesn´t Miles want to give up on searching for answers?
– Wouldn´t it be easier for him if he just forgets her…?
62 days after (p. 196 – 198) 
– Miles calls his mom with the pay phone
– While his mom is talking to him, he sees white daisies scribbled onto the payphone
– He realizes that Alaska must have drawn them
– He ends the phone call and tells the Colonel
– Why has Alaska drawn white daisies onto the payphone?
– Did the doodle remind her on something?
69 days after (p. 198 – 199) 
– The school wants to build a playground next to Culver Creek in memory of Alaska
– Miles and Chip think that she deserves a better memorial 
– They want to do the prank, which Alaska suggested for the seniors some time ago
83 days after (p. 199 – 200) 
– The Colonel comes back from his spring break with a notebook full of notes for the prank
– He brings Miles, Takumi and Lara together and explains the prank to them
84 days after (p. 200 – 202) 
– Miles calls his dad and asks him to pretend being Dr. William Morse, an expert in adolescent understandings of sexuality
– He explains to him that this is necessary for the greatest culver creek prank at al time
– He agrees
– What is their plan?
– Why is it so important to have Miles´ dad playing Dr. William Morse?
102 days after (p. 202 – 209) 
– Everyone pays five dollars to pay the stripper
– He arrives late
– Then he speaks in front of the school about adolescent sexuality
– Lara interrupts him and says “You´re hot! Take off your clothes”
– He starts stripping and says “This one is for Alaska Young”
– The Eagle sends him home
– After this he comes into the room of Miles and Chip and tells them that this prank could have been from Alaska and they shouldn´t do something again
– Was it part of the plan that Lara interrupts him and tells him that he is hot?
– Why do they not get punished for the prank?
114 days after (p. 209 – 210) 
– Takumi and the Colonel come up with a theory that while Alaska was drawing the daisies, she remembered how her mom put them into her hair when she was a child and then freaked out because she forgot the anniversary of her mother´s death so she drove to her grave
– Is that the real reason why she freaked out? 
118 days after (p. 210 – 213) 
– Colonel and Miles drive to the scene of accident
– They hug each other and find some peace for the first time after her death
– They are happy to be still alive
– Why haven´t they found peace before?
– What was the exact reason for them to drive to this place? 
119 days after (p. 213) 
– The Colonel, Miles, Takumi and Lara study hard for their finals and for school
– They don´t talk much because they don´t need to 
– Why do they don´t need to? 
122 days after (p. 213 – 215) 
– Dr. Hyde explains what the questions for the final papers will be: “How will you ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?”
– Miles and Chip think about it together
– Why did Dr. Hyde choose this question again?
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