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Imagine, you are in a place where there is abundance of solitude and a bit of loneliness. Nothing to do but to praise the creator for giving his mark, in shape of this giant. A giant and praise worthy? Yes this giant has taken a lot of people in its belly who wanted him to be subdued. But this giant won’t do any harm to those who just see its splendour and praise its creator. 

On the Karakoram Highway

It was a bright sunny day in June when I left from Islamabad en route to Gilgit. My destination was calling me since I had seen it on the internet and on a few travel magazines. After a lot of planning and homework being done about the logistics and supplies, I was hitting the road. At last I was going to “Fairy Meadows” a wide and green pasture or a vast meadow, which is cradled by the 9th highest mountain of the world “Nanga Parbat” at 8126 meters above sea level. It was first scaled by the legendary Austrian mountaineer Hermann Buhl in 1953. 

Rugged Mountains Along Way

I reached the starting point of the trail which is 78 km before Gilgit , and Gilgit is 512 km from Islamabad. I came here through the “Karakoram Highway” which is also called as 8th wonder of the world. It took me almost 20 hours to reach here from Islamabad.

The Mighty River Indus

The trail towards Fairy Meadows starts from “Raikot Bridge” over the mighty Indus River. The local population living here holds the sole entitlement to run jeeps here, which is vital for their survival in harsh conditions. This dusty jeep able only track unfolds its rugged terrain which is contrary to the green top. The jeep track is not for the weak hearted as it gains a tremendous height with a lot of blind turns and that too on a very thin dusty road. 

The Narrow Jeep Track

The jeep drops you at Tatu, a small village. From here onwards its a combination of steep and tiresome hike. For your ease you can hire the ponies to avoid the strenuous hike. The trail takes you through Alpine forests and you have to cross a few streams. The views accompanying you are unforgettable.

Not For The Faint Hearted

The Hiking Trail Towards Fairy Meadows

Once you reach the top, you don’t have to be sure that is it Fairy Meadows or not. Because you will get the correct answer after watching and admiring a fairy land till where your eyes go. Its a wide and green meadow which is over shadowed by the mighty Nanga Parbat.

A Clear View Of Nanga Parbat

The saddle shaped mountain top has its own beauty which cannot be described in words. You have to see it yourself to believe. 

Mist, Mountain, Glacier And Dense Forest

The name Fairy Meadows (Märchenwiese in Deutsch) was given by German mountaineers who were spell bound upon seeing this marvellous landscape. Some say that the very name was given by Japanese climbers. 

Pakistan is blessed by the world’s top 3 highest mountain ranges in the world namely, the Himalayas, the Karakorams and Hindukush. Nanga Parbat is on the western most side of the Himalayas. It is believed to be the world’s most dangerous mountain also the “Killer Mountain” due to its notoriety of having killed most number of climbers than on any other mountain in the world. 

Quite a time has passed since I went there but to this day I am in awe of it’s grandeur. I want the readers to admire its beauty since seeing is believing.

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