Author: Noah

  • Airline stocks

    June 17, 2022 Lufthansa Group, Air France KLM, American Airlines… Investments case Massive global supply chain crisis. In the short term, the capacity of sea freight cannot be increased, this requires a lead time (and high investments). Conventional airlines are pushing their cargo capacities extremely. It is even rumored that it is worth flying a […]

  • How To Analyze An ECB Press Release

    The European Central Bank published its new monetary policy decisions on June 9, 2022. You can find the statement here: ECB – Press Release June 9, 2022 Said in advance, like every Central Bank do, the communication is extremly reserved. Every single word counts, and not a single word is chosen carelessly. Even the Deutsche […]

  • What Retail Investor Forget About Their Real Estate Investment In Germany

    Demography is predictable Obvious facts: Uncertainties due to the Ukraine war High Inflation Rising building interest rates I think that these facts will not be the main reason for falling real estate prices. The most significant factor for falling real estate prices will be the age structure in Germany. The Germans don’t like to live […]